Mechanical metal working

We have equipment of renowned manufacturers at our disposal, which allow for fast, precise and highly repeatable execution of frequently very complex details and products. Therefore we render professional mechanical working services, ensuring our Customers the highest quality of performance and short deadlines.

We offer execution of metal details by means of the following techniques: punching, forcing through, bending, milling, turning and drilling.

Details are subject to vibro-abrasive machining in order to give them the final functional qualities.

Within the scope of mechanical metal working we offer the following services: 

  •  Sheet metal cutting  - maximum size of a metal sheet 2m x 2m, maximum thickness of a metal sheet 3mm. Sheet metal working takes place by means of guillotines.
  • Sheet metal punching - maximum size of a metal sheet 2m x 1m, maximum thickness of a metal sheet 3mm. Cutting details from the sheet metal takes place by means of presses controlled in a conventional manner or with the use of CNC.
  • Sheet metal bending - maximum detail length 800mm. Our methods allow for accurate mapping of the expected shapes, maintaining ideally smooth edges.
  • Milling of elements - working surface 400x800mm. We have a machine park at our disposal enabling metal machining with the use of computer controlled CNC machines. We execute CNC milling according to the entrusted documentation, models, designs.