Plastic processing

We execute plastic elements from all types of thermosetting plastics in wide range of colours.

We use best efforts so that our products would be characterised with the highest quality. Our company is open to cooperation with the Customers, who have tools at their disposal ready to use, as well as with those, who have an idea or demand for a plastic product.

  • we work based on expanded and modern injection moulding workshop
  • computerised equipment of the leading world-wide brands
  • our injection moulding machines are controlled by microprocessors, operate within completely automatic cycles, are equipped with numerous innovations accelerating the production process
  • we offer manufacturing of details in all shapes of the volume up to 154 cm3 and weight up to 150 grams
  • we have a possibility of processing materials such as: ABS, PA, PC, PE, POM, PS, PP, SAN